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New procedures for the export of marble or natural stone to Saudi Arabia

Within the Community of Valencia are some of the regions with more deposits of marble and natural stones in the world. Especially in Alicante, where the largest producer and producer of marble in Spain and one of the most relevant worldwide.

Saudi Arabia is one of the main destinations where these products are exported, and since January 1, 2019, due to the redefinition of the Conformity programs in this country, exports are in a very confusing scenario.

The Saudi Arabian Standards, Methodology and Quality Organization (SASO) has decided to implement a new Product Safety Program, SALEEM, with its new platform, SABER, for line certifications for exports to Saudi Arabia.

This organization has published a list of technical regulations to cover various products, in which you will find all types of construction products, such as marble or natural stone.

The 2 stages of the conformity assessment process for these regulated products are as follows:

STAGE 1: PCOC (Issuance of Product Conformity Certification).

  • The process must be initiated by the importer, notifying the product, tariff code and manufacturer through the platform.
  • To facilitate the registration of products in the SABER there are companies dedicated to help importers and exporters in Saudi Arabia, as is the case of INTERTEK.
  • Once the fee is paid, and the manufacturer provides the documentation, the PCOC will be issued, which is issued for each regulated product and is valid for one year.

STAGE 2: SCOC (Issuance of Certificate of Conformity of Shipment)

  • All regulated products included in the shipment are verified to have the PCOC correctly. Once it is verified that the PCOC is correct and true, the SCOC is issued, which is valid only for the shipment.

Many companies have been paralyzed containers in the port because they do not have these certificates, because the ignorance of this regulation is very high, because of the uncertainty generated by the country’s situation regarding the migration of its new Security Program SALEEM. For this reason it is very important to have a company like Iberoforwarders which will help you get accreditations in all technical regulations.

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